My New Book is Out on Amazon!

Hi, people. My new book, a thriller written as a collaboration with my husband under the name of L.C. Frenzel, is out on Amazon in Kindle format. This book draws on characters you meet in shipyards and around the oil patch. Maybe you’ll enjoy a glimpse into the muddy workings of southern Louisianna. This book has a strong, young female main character…as you might have guessed. Find it at:

Cover Leaf:

In the pre-Katrina world of south Louisiana, a high school girl and her mother are caught up in a violent act of retribution.Callie Houston lives with her single-parent mom, Jeanne, in the small town of Hammond, La. She’s a smart, impulsive young woman who figures she can handle almost anything. Suddenly her world is turned upside down when her mother is kidnapped by Tony Ryan, one of her mother’s accounting business clients. The mobster is looking for papers incriminating him in an embezzlement scheme. Blood, pain, and violent death replace her sheltered world of books and nature.Callie‚Äôs story is not only about how she survives her ordeal, but also how painful choices are part of growing up.

Remember, you can read Kindle on your PC and Mac with the FREE app from Amazon.

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  1. I should say that in standard I’m actually happy with this website.It is fine to see somebody extremely extatic about what they do. Thanks!

  2. Evan says:

    After reading on this website about the summary of LC Frenzel that you write with your husband, I become interested to buy for my wife. Besides political books, cooking recipes, and fashion magazine, she also loves to read a novel. Hopefully, she will enjoy in reading your novel too.

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