Random Act of Kindness

Sunday Morning Surprise

A Random Act of Kindness.

 April 10, 2011

 In Rotary, we  have a lot of instances of Random Acts of Kindness. One random act of kindness came our way on Sunday.

 Charles and I started our Sunday with fellowship at the coffee house, catching up with the “Keep It Simple, Stupid”  group.  This coffee group just makes the day start in a positive way.

 We had missed Saturday as we were preparing for the “Bobcat Build” group from Texas State University to come over so it felt like we had missed the weekend. 

We traded recipes;

Planned a party- we always have a party under way- any excuse to just get together;

Learned of a 4-H fashion show in Leakey TX- we didn’t know that Leakey had fashion;

Commiserated that the City of San Marcos can find funds to change the street signs on our street, but can’t seem to fix the drainage in other neighborhoods;

Exchanged ideas on how to keep the deer from grazing in the back yard in the city.  It’s been dry and the deer are already coming to town to look for water;

Noted that Buster, the dog, looked very spiffy behind the wheel.  Buster looks forward to the weekend trips to the coffee shop.  He barks at each of us as we pass his spot.

 When Charles and I got back to the house, there was a bundle of cut flowers at the back kitchen door.  It wasn’t April Fools, it wasn’t the Easter Bunny, it wasn’t May Day (a traditional day for leaving basket of flowers).  It was a Random Act of Kindness.

The flowers were in a bucket/trash can with water, just waiting to be arranged- Iris, red Sweet Williams, some white flowers I don’t recognize, and greenery.  Very nice, very pretty, very unexpected.  I selected a blue ewer from the 50’s for the irises.  Elegant.  Set them on the kitchen table.

 No note- just the flowers.  I called a couple of people as I thought that I recognized the can, but didn’t seem to find out who left them. 

 Thank you, thank you.  They are appreciated and on the table.

Lydia Frenzel

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One Response to Random Act of Kindness

  1. Monica Chauviere says:

    Totally forgot you were in San Marcos!!! I hope we can visit some day soon. I have the luxury of setting my own calendar now that I’m retired. Retired, meaning from XOM, but not from work. I am in private consulting. Have lots going on these days.

    More later.

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