A Sunny Dinner Occasion

Celebration Supper: Eating Healthy

This is a group effort.  Charles and Jack and Danna and Grace have been seeing that I have been eating right.  I’ve managed to avoid significant weight loss. I became a little anemic, so a lot of liver was put in the diet and vitals popped back up much to the delight of the doctors. Added lots of gelatin with fruits and vegetables along with frequent avocados salads, cold fresh garden tomato and cucumber gazpacho with lots of garlic.

Jack, Danna, and Charles prepared a elegant meal at the end of the last cocktail. The idea- lots of taste with little bulk.

The Starter was grilled asparagus with toasted almonds, and slices of cold Texas A&M Maroon Tomato from my sister’s garden. The Main course was a cold shrimp cocktail with avocado, cherry tomato, red bell pepper marinated in lemon and tequila- a ceviche.

The piece de resistance was Jack’s concoction of fresh blueberries and strawberries with light cream intermingled with pound cake crumbles soaked in liquor.

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