A Unexpected Gift Basket Arrives

What a wonderful surprise yesterday. It is a true random act of kindness.

When I heard the doorbell and opened the front door yesterday, I knew that I knew the caller, but the name, out of context, didn’t come. Only strangers, or first time visitors, use the front door and the door bell.  This person I knew.  

She was a member of my first Census crew last year. It had been a while since we saw each other.  She came bearing a ceramic flowered basket with fruit, and baked goodies in it.

I supervised or work on a number of census crews last year. I run into my former Census Crew members at post office, grocery store, and library, all around town.  We had a lot of fun, as well as seriousness, in 2010 as we polled the town and parts of the county making the head count.  There are lots of stories, but we are all sworn to secrecy.

The basket had orange, mango, peach, apple, along with little sand tarts or Mexican wedding cookies and cute Teddy Bear banana bread.  Just the right thing as my appetite has so far not seem to be affected much.

We, that is myself, husband, and across-the-street neighbor, had the peach and orange along with wonderful wedding cookies with jello last night.

This morning I appreciated the Teddy Bear banana bread and had part with coffee.

Tonight we will grill the pear along with fish.

In other words, we savor each flavor and item. The ceramic basket is perfect for cut flowers which we have blooming, or dinner breads that my husband bakes.

Thank you again and again for this unexpected gift.

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