Great News- Rain Shower Today and had Weather under 100 F.

Today, August 25th we had a shower that was bigger than a bird spit bath.  We have had 68-69 days of over 100 F weather and NO rain.  This is not just close to 100, it is more like 106-108- 110.

Today, as we were walking we noticed clouds in the sky when the sun came up.  We walk  at 6:15-7:00 am when it is relatively dark and we can think it is cool.  The forecast had no rain.  At breakfast, the cardinal, ground dove, house finch, and young Blue Jay competed with the sparrows and White Winged Dove for the bird seed.  We were working outside in the morning and had just a mist as a thunderhead came over.  I looked up to see if the birds were spitting on me.

In the early afternoon, it actually sprinkled enough to get the ground wet, if you were in the right place.  My sister, only two blocks over,  said she said drops on the grass, but the sidewalks didn’t get wet.

Strangers stopped to chat with us in the parking lot of the “do-it-yourself” hardware store.  At the doctor’s office, I and the staff talked about going out to the lot naked and having a rain dance, if that would make it rain harder.

All in all, a good day.  It stayed in the low 90’s.

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