Last Day of Radiation- Aug 26th, 2011

This week has been the last week of radiation treatments.  I have actually planned my wardrobe for the week.  Those who know me, know that I am not clothes conscious.

I have acquired 5 hats and bonnets in lieu of a wig.  Thus I am wearing a different hat each day. I opted for hats rather than a wig. Firstly it has been hot. Second, I don’t want a sunburned head.  Thirdly- I had a friend lend me a wig for my driver’s license picture. I am told that I had better carry my passport as the Texas Dept. of Public Safety had me take off my glasses, and I look like a recent immigrant from a developing country. The comment from a law enforcement friend is “Now let’s see your real id card.” Fourthly- I knew that my hair would grow back. And it has.  I have a “marine recruit” hair style with no bald spots.

I had been warned that there would be a sunburn reaction starting in the second week.  The sunburn didn’t come until last Thursday- which was just one week from the end.  That long delay was just fine with me.  A little itching is not hard to live with. The staff says I have a poster bosum, but you won’t see it on the internet. I have used 100% aloe gel from Fruit of the Earth. It is inexpensive and sold where sun burn lotions are located.  It is NOT a sun blocker.  I have an aloe plant in the yard, which was my back-up plan for treatment.  It’s a good thing I found the gel, because it hasn’t rained enough for the aloe to grow very large.

Back to wardrobe.  Tuesday I wore a “Lady Executive” shirt from the 1960’s. Yesterday and today, I wore my Crazy Spurts “Life Saver Candy” shirt and my Crazy Spurts “Heintz 57” Pickle shirts.  They are classics vintage shirts from the 1980’s and given to me by the former owner of “Soap Creek Saloon” in Austin. Those of you who are familiar with the Austin music scene, will recognize the Soap Creek Saloon name.  Ed has stacks of original play bills from the early Austin music bars.

The last day, tomorrow, I will end up with a multi-colored, almost psychedelic “Peter Max design” shirt from 1973. That shirt is older than anyone in the oncology clinic including the doctors.  The staff looks forward to seeing just what I am wearing.

It has been tedious time, but not all that onerous. I am glad it is over.

The best thing- is the letters and comments from people on the periodic Newsletter and reading the blog on  There is a lot more to be said on the novels that we have been publishing and just getting ready to publish.

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