Charles Frenzel and Lydia Frenzel in Sutter Creek CA

We moved to Vancouver WA and visited with friends in Sutter Creek and Jackson CA in November.

This is taken in Katherine Venturelli’s Monotype Studio in Sutter Creek.

lydia charles k venturelli studia 002 2013-11-03Venturelli is an art book maker and very talented monotype printer.  I was looking around for a web site with several of her creations. She is all around in commercial galleries. This is a link to the Amador Arts Council site.

We also visited with Jerry Kidd, who is a sculptor, two dimensional artist, and a philosopher.  Charles and Jerry had a two man art show “MEGABITE” at Roseville Art Center in November, 1994.  It featured sculpts by Jerry, electronic art by Charles (before computer art was really known) and two dimensional paintings by both artists. No picture taken at Kidd’s latest showing, but here is his web site.

Of course, features some of Charles’s art.


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2 Responses to Charles Frenzel and Lydia Frenzel in Sutter Creek CA

  1. Susan Flynn says:

    Great seeing you guys looking and doing so well. Love to see you next time you are in our neighborhood. Sue and Mike Flynn, Sutter Creek, Ca.

  2. Lydia Frenzel says:

    Good to hear from you. We haven’t made it back into CA yet. Seem to stay busy. The last trip was again an in-and-out. We just needed to see Sandy, Tony, Jerry. Janie, Larry as their health wasn’t so great, and Kate as we started back. We plan to stay longer next time.

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