Geese Heading to Warmer Climates- Fall is really here

October 3, 2014

It’s October now and I can tell the season has turned to Fall. This morning around 7:00 AM, we first heard the geese overhead, and then saw two different flocks of geese in V formation, heading to warmer climates. The sky was crisp and clear. Our friend Jack was heading off to a cruise in Mexico. We were heading to the coffee shop to write.Temperatures were around 50 F. Between 7:00 and 7:30 the car was covered with dew.  Time to wipe off the windows.

I have just about recovered from a week in a shipyard in full hard hat, safety goggles, ear protection, and steel toed shoes. It’s the standing around in work shoes that just worn me out. The safety shoes have no contoured soles, aren’t padded, and are heavy. The shoes just keep me safe. So by the last day, I was tired, and my feet were aching. My only consolation was that my host at the shipyard was equally tired, and he does this everyday.

It’s great going from Summer in Florida to Fall in Washington state.


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  1. Michael T. Gracey says:

    Enjoyed the newsletter, Ms. Lydia. Glad you enjoyed the trip to Florida and your new home in WA. We are settled in the piney woods of East Texas and enjoying the country folks. The latest book is called Ma Thicket and tells the story of Mrs. Ethel Osborn Hill who defended the Big Thicket and provided many services to people in her adopted state for over 100 years.
    I look forward to reading more of your stories and hope the very best for you and Charles.
    Kind Regards,
    Michael T. Gracey

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