End Polio Now- PolioPlus

Today, October 24, 2014, Rotary International is celebrating End Polio Now!  We are going to a pot-luck supper.  Just made a donation to The Rotary Foundation for PolioPlus.  This has been a campaign to eradicate Polio from the face of the earth ever since I have been in Rotary (1987).  We are down to just three countries- Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.  During the ongoing Ebola outbreak, we heard on the BBC newscast, that they were using Polio Immunization tactics to get to all the villages.

It is a remarkable cooperative effort between Rotary Foundation, Gates and other Foundations, United Nations, WHO, and Country Governments, with thousands of volunteers, to monitor and administer the vacciine to the most remote areas.  Yes, people have lost their lives.

So take a moment and make a contribution to “End Polio Now.”

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