Musings on the Fall Weather- Geese Overhead

Each Monday morning I promised myself that I will start the day with a post to the Blog. Never get to it.  These past three weeks first started with small flights of geese early in the morning, mostly heading south, but some were confused.  Now there are flights during most of the day, small and larger V’s hit the trail down south. It is definitely fall; it is dark when we get up.  Darkness plays havoc on our 6:00 wake-up alarm. We are later and later at the coffee shop.

Charles and I finished Twin Sceptors in the Lunarian Epic this week.  I finished a Pipeline Asset Management paper and presentation to be given in Houston in November.   It’s hard write on fiction when you have to stop and do technical writing.  We plan to visit with friends and family in November in Texas.

Please- if you go on Amazon, look at L.C. Frenzel novels, look inside the cover, and get a free sample download.  We are having fund writing these, but we do need reviews- either on Amazon, or the individual publishing web sites.

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