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14 Responses to Friends: Subscribe to News

  1. Marion Austin says:

    Many prayers and good wishes ascending on your behalf. Hoping to see you and Charles again very soon.

    • lydia frenzel says:

      HI Marion- Charles and I thought we would get to CA this late june- early July. But it won’t happen. We think of you all the time. I just got busy on some brain dead engineering problems.

  2. Mattie Dinick says:

    Lydia, my family and I are wishing you well. The kids ask about you often.
    Love, Mattie Eva

  3. Mollie Wayland says:

    Lydia, Skip and I have been so busy with the crowd from MS. we had blocked everything else out of our lives. We did not know about your cancer.
    Would it be okay if I call? We will keep you in our prayers.
    Love to you and Charles of course. Mollie

  4. lydia frenzel says:

    It’s been way too long since we shared an omelet on the back porch. Give us a call.

  5. Bill Allanach says:

    Lidia: Great to hear from you. Glad to hear that you and Charles are happy in your new location. I retired from IP 4 years ago after 38 years. We live in Sneads Ferry, NC which is a shrimping village located just north of Wilmington on the ocean. I am doing a little consultion but, other wise we are enjoying the fruits of our labors.
    Best Regards

    • Lydia Frenzel says:

      Bill- I think of you often and wondered where you were. I am glad that the email still works.
      I am still in the postion where I need to work and would love more consuting, but most all people expect “free advice.”
      I don’t know when we will get into the Carolina region. I have a nephew who is new professor at North Carolina State. So might get over there.

  6. Mark Weston + Sue says:

    Hi Lydia + Charles,
    Great to get your newsletter, which reminds me of how delinquent a correspondent I am.
    Like may others I have retired and am just doing some consultancy (ad-hoc) and teaching for both the ACA and NACE. So I am busier than ever. We moved house several months ago and are now closer to the city. Most people downsize when they retire but we bucked the trend and up-sized.. I needed a large workshop and lab space as well as space for my yet to be re-constructed scale railway.
    You both take care and have a good 2015. Oh and congratulations on your award.
    Mark + Sue

    • Lydia Frenzel says:

      HI Mark and Sue- Not so glad to hear that you have retired. Ha! I bet you are as busy as normal. Yes- having space for a workshop and train models is top priority. You have visited our home in Texas, where we had sprawled over every place. We went to about 1/3 the space- left all the working tools behind, and haven’t needed them yet, the miter saw, the drill press, the table saw, the hammer, screwdrivers, and the list goes on. However, I have rent house in Texas, and I miss not being able to just go over and see what’s wrong with a few tools. It was easy to lend my air supplied staplers, nails guns, to the contractor and have him fix small items.
      Charles and I were just talking this morning that we need to get back to Australia- Adelaide and Auckland one more time. Willie and I keep email going. The Planes from your end of the world stop in San Francisco- not so close but easy plane ride from Vancouver, WA state.
      Anyway- have to go. My most pressing obstacle at this time is to find 3-4 photos of me having fun during my lifetime. I know exactly which photos I want to use- but they are lost in boxes that are still packed in the garage, or in the terrabytes of computer data.
      Hugs to both of you and Kath and Peter-

  7. Tommy Neuman says:

    Great to hear from you Lydia. It does not look as though you and Charles have slowed down one bit. Anne and I love living here on the Rappahannock river. This part of Virginia is awesome!

    Since you are allergic to cedar fever…where do you live now?

    Happy new year


  8. Lindsay says:

    Hellllllooooooo my dear old friends!!! How long has it been since interning with Mark Newman and another soul whose name I can’t seem to recall…? 14…15 years maybe?! Wow. I have thought of y’all often and can always count on a grin to make its way across my face….what a lovely couple y’all and such an enjoyable time of life!
    I’ll have to catch up on your blog and see how life has been treating you but with the tag line I’ll assume there have been some bumps in the road…awww….ain’t life grand?! 🙂 But in all seriousness if you find yourselves in Grapevine (in DFW metroplex), we would LOVE a visit! 2 kids, a girl and a boy keep us pretty busy…and the business of course too! Both of them actually 🙂 Would love to catch up ! We may just find ourselves out that way in the next couple of days anyway actually…if you get this and are up for a small visit, message me for my phone # and we’ll see how things shape up…

    Loads of love and can’t wait to read this!!!

    All good things – Lindsay

    • Lindsay says:

      Of course that lovely soul was Sarah Lohn…what wonderful memories with her and her cool parents!! All good things!

      • Lydia Frenzel says:

        HI Lindsay- Charles said that I needed to respond to you. I just saw today that the comments don’t show up on the front pages so I hadn’t seen this.
        We are doing well. I am getting set to come into Texas on Jan 15 to get a Women in Coatings Impact Award from SSPC in San Antonio.
        You should pick up the first volume of Lunaria Epic by L.C. Frenzel (we are onto the 7th volume- I am finishing the copy edits while Charles starts on Volume 8.
        We do think of you, and Mark, mostly you two out of the group- although Sarah Lohn is still in San Marcos.

    • Hi Lindsay- I don’t get around to readying the posted comments in a routine fashion. Two children- oh goodness. I didn’t get to Grapevine- yes I know where it is- this trip. Mostly in and out. Fixing the toilet at San Antonio st where the local plumber said he couldn’t find parts and just wanted to replace the toilet. As normal, in two phone calls, I had the parts (given away free from the City), looked at youtubes, and then when I finished at San Antonio (being the big wig) came back to be the plumber.

      We are in Vacouver WA (Just across the river from Portland OR). Great country. Wonderful place to come walk trails. And I would like your phone number. I got into San Marocs- SM is still fixing roads. Still accelerating high density apartments for college students. Still having major train crossings.

      But come on up. We don’t have a spare bedroom, but have a queen size inflatable mattress. Kim Alebis Moreland comes up for visits. Her boys are ca 5th grade and 7th grade, or maybe 7 and 9th grade. I just saw them. Kim’s oldest son Zack really likes to perform and sing. He performed with Terri Hendrix this fall.
      Charles and I wonder where you are and what you are doing,

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