About the Book “Governor Lydia A Mellow Rose from Texas”

Some couples are very fortunate to share a closely-knit vision of life that merges creative and personal interests into one undivided whole. Governor Lydia is a personal portrait of how a shared life can extend to include a larger vision of the world.

In 1997, Lydia became one of the first 50 women District Governors for Rotary International®.  In a region with mostly isolated small communities, Lydia and Charles Frenzel describe their experience as “scrambling to help the people face Change.”

At a time in which the American people are pounded continuously with a media blitz advocating isolation, fear, and a me-first attitude, service clubs, like Lions® , Soroptimist®, Kiwanis®, and Rotary® are providing solutions and removing obstacles in community life.  The members of service clubs contribute daily random acts of kindness to the people of small villages and large cities over the world.

All service clubs open vistas and opportunities to serve your village, region, state, country, and the world’s people. Lydia and Charles write about their adventures with compassionate people struggling with the discovery of how ordinary people, each giving a little of their time and resources, can organize to achieve extraordinary assistance.

As the tag-a-long, Charles describes the non-traditional role of the male Next of Kin, partner, spouse, or significant other.

Often, the glue that bonds two people together boils down to answering simple questions. Charles faced the question “Why would you want to be the husband of a headstrong, independent female?”  Lydia faced the question “Why would you want to be a Rotarian in a man’s world?” These are not untypical questions that all people face. Some of the personal answers to these questions are found in Governor Lydia.

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About the Author(s) L.C. Frenzel aka Lydia and Charles

Lydia and Charles Frenzel, writing as L.C. Frenzel, have long careers that span academia, coal mining, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, and invention.  They are respected for their scientific and technical abilities and for their integrity.  In this journal, they share the caring-side of their lives.

Charles is an artist, a writer, and a scientist—pursuits requiring both left brain and right brain styles of attention.

Lydia’s global influence network advocates Holistic and Futurist views of social and economic effects in the male-dominated field of Paints and Coatings for ships, bridges, and tall buildings.

Charles and Lydia describe their legacy as the women and men that they have known, nurtured, and challenged to be the best they can be.

They had arrived at that point in their lives when the leaders of Rotary District 5190 called upon Lydiato be a Rotary District Governor. Lydiabecame the first woman district governor in 5190 in 1997—the third class of Rotary International District Governors that included women. They were equal to the challenge of service-club mentoring. Some communities were not ready to embrace the Changes sweeping Northern California and Nevada. She faced frightened and angry people who had seen their livelihood disappear because of these changes.  Lydia and Charles describe their experience as “scrambling to help the people and the communities face Change.”

Charles kept a daily journal describing events, individuals, town-tours, and the concerns voiced by the spouses and non-members. He was able to single out the underbelly-issues that didn’t surface during Lydia’s formal meetings with club directors. Lydiagave out big bear hugs even while scrutinizing the projects and being challenged occasionally to arm wrestling. Eventually, this was incorporated as the material for Governor Lydia.

Visit www.lydiafrenzel.com and www.charlesfrenzel.com.

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Finally-published “Governor Lydia A Mellow Rose From Texas”

Charles and I finished one very fun, very rewarding project in 2011.  We published “Governor Lydia – A Mellow Rose fromTexas” in print and eformat.  This is one-fourth of the story of Rotary adventures as seen from Charles’, the partner’s, viewpoint. Charles kept a dairy of the Rotary years and ended with about 1000 pages.  This has been trimmed to 500 pages.  He waited for me to “fill in” from my viewpoint, so we would have the “flip” side.  We each had very different journeys and experiences.

 We publish under the name “L.C. Frenzel” forLydiaand Charles Frenzel.  We have limited quantities of hard and soft cover books here at the office if you want an autographed copy.  The pricing varies from site to site ranging from

>ebook format- Amazon (with the lowest price)

>then by ordering copies from us or directly through “www.AuthorHouse.com” the just-in-time publisher,

>and finally from any Bookstore or on-line Book store.

 Here are the ISBN numbers:  978-0-9828592-6-1(ebook);  978-1-4567-9433-0 (soft); 978-1-4567-9432-3 (hard). It helps to have ISBN numbers for reference.

 What I ask, plead for, my “TO DO” or “Action” item list is for the reader to provide a REVIEW on fatsquirrelpublishing.com or amazon.com.

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Last Day of Radiation- Aug 26th, 2011

This week has been the last week of radiation treatments.  I have actually planned my wardrobe for the week.  Those who know me, know that I am not clothes conscious.

I have acquired 5 hats and bonnets in lieu of a wig.  Thus I am wearing a different hat each day. I opted for hats rather than a wig. Firstly it has been hot. Second, I don’t want a sunburned head.  Thirdly- I had a friend lend me a wig for my driver’s license picture. I am told that I had better carry my passport as the Texas Dept. of Public Safety had me take off my glasses, and I look like a recent immigrant from a developing country. The comment from a law enforcement friend is “Now let’s see your real id card.” Fourthly- I knew that my hair would grow back. And it has.  I have a “marine recruit” hair style with no bald spots.

I had been warned that there would be a sunburn reaction starting in the second week.  The sunburn didn’t come until last Thursday- which was just one week from the end.  That long delay was just fine with me.  A little itching is not hard to live with. The staff says I have a poster bosum, but you won’t see it on the internet. I have used 100% aloe gel from Fruit of the Earth. It is inexpensive and sold where sun burn lotions are located.  It is NOT a sun blocker.  I have an aloe plant in the yard, which was my back-up plan for treatment.  It’s a good thing I found the gel, because it hasn’t rained enough for the aloe to grow very large.

Back to wardrobe.  Tuesday I wore a “Lady Executive” shirt from the 1960’s. Yesterday and today, I wore my Crazy Spurts “Life Saver Candy” shirt and my Crazy Spurts “Heintz 57” Pickle shirts.  They are classics vintage shirts from the 1980’s and given to me by the former owner of “Soap Creek Saloon” in Austin. Those of you who are familiar with the Austin music scene, will recognize the Soap Creek Saloon name.  Ed has stacks of original play bills from the early Austin music bars.

The last day, tomorrow, I will end up with a multi-colored, almost psychedelic “Peter Max design” shirt from 1973. That shirt is older than anyone in the oncology clinic including the doctors.  The staff looks forward to seeing just what I am wearing.

It has been tedious time, but not all that onerous. I am glad it is over.

The best thing- is the letters and comments from people on the periodic Newsletter and reading the blog on lydiafrenzel.com.  There is a lot more to be said on the novels that we have been publishing and just getting ready to publish.

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Great News- Rain Shower Today and had Weather under 100 F.

Today, August 25th we had a shower that was bigger than a bird spit bath.  We have had 68-69 days of over 100 F weather and NO rain.  This is not just close to 100, it is more like 106-108- 110.

Today, as we were walking we noticed clouds in the sky when the sun came up.  We walk  at 6:15-7:00 am when it is relatively dark and we can think it is cool.  The forecast had no rain.  At breakfast, the cardinal, ground dove, house finch, and young Blue Jay competed with the sparrows and White Winged Dove for the bird seed.  We were working outside in the morning and had just a mist as a thunderhead came over.  I looked up to see if the birds were spitting on me.

In the early afternoon, it actually sprinkled enough to get the ground wet, if you were in the right place.  My sister, only two blocks over,  said she said drops on the grass, but the sidewalks didn’t get wet.

Strangers stopped to chat with us in the parking lot of the “do-it-yourself” hardware store.  At the doctor’s office, I and the staff talked about going out to the lot naked and having a rain dance, if that would make it rain harder.

All in all, a good day.  It stayed in the low 90’s.

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Nutrition: Essential Support for Cancer Patients

Response to Sunny Dinner Occasion

 Good nutrition plays a key role not only in the prevention of cancer, but also in the lives of those diagnosed with the disease. Healthy eating and other kinds of nutritional aids can ease recovery from surgery, mitigate the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy treatments, and support long-term health for cancer survivors. Guidelines from the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health offer suggestions for optimal nutrition at various stages of the cancer treatment and recovery process.

Surgery for cancer and other reasons stresses the body, and it needs extra nutritional support for recovery. Poor eating habits before and after surgery can contribute to slower healing and the likelihood of complications. Healthy, minimally processed foods that are calorie-dense and high in protein encourage wound healing and weight gain. Post-surgery fatigue and pain can affect the appetite, so eating numerous small meals, and adding nutritional drinks and vitamin supplements to the diet will help.

The side effects of chemotherapy include loss of appetite, fatigue and nausea, so good nutrition helps the body cope with treatment and improves emotional as well as physical well-being. Small, vitamin-rich meals of natural foods, as well as nutritional supplements, can help patients cope with the discomforts of treatment and lay the groundwork for long-term health. In some cases, enteric, or tube feedings can also add essential nutrition if eating is difficult or uncomfortable.

Depending on the location of the cancer radiation treatment can also make eating and digestion very difficult. Treatment of the throat and chest for cancers such as lung cancersor a rare cancer called mesothelioma can cause pain when swallowing, acid reflux and infections of the esophagus; so healthy eating may be compromised. Adding nutritional supplements and protein drinks, as well as choosing nutritionally dense foods, can offer support during therapy. Likewise, good nutrition is essential for stem cell transplant patients, who face a high risk of infection and may need the advice of a dietitian to create a supportive diet that avoids raw foods that may carry bacteria.

After treatment, cancer patients in remission can benefit from a healthy, nutritionally dense diet, which offers the body maximum support not just for recovery, but also for long-term health. One’s life expectancycan be improved tremendously by following solid nutritional guidelines. Beneficial dietary habits, including avoiding foods high in saturated fat and sugar, reduce stress and improve physical and emotional well being, not just for cancer survival but for a positive outlook on life in general.

Submitted By: David Haas 

David Haas is a young cancer advocate who wants to continue researching ways to better peoples lives whom have been touched by this awful disease. One of the ways Haas has learned is to pay better attention to nutrition. Haas believes this is a very important part to treatments and even when in remission. The right food can help keep the body healthy to combat this deadly disease.

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Birds of a Feather

It’s been in the 95-105 F (37-41 C) daily with no rain.  We have tomatoes growing in some small patches, and dark patches growing on some of the tomatoes. A few weeks ago, a pair of mockingbirds moved in to claim their bountiful supply of food and ruined 8 tomatoes during the first day.  So up goes the bird nets to keep them away. A mockingbird strayed inside the net only once before he decided that inside the net was not for him.

Charles and I made a pole with cross piece, similar to a blue bird lookout.  We put a nail in the top and place tomatoes on the nail when they get overly heated and develop a blight.  I wish I had taken a video of a woodpecker and the mockingbird perched on either side, pecking at the tomato. First one, and then the other.  I don’t think that they were cooperating, just both wanting the fruit more than taking time to quarrel.

 Oh yes, we have two water sources for the birds.  They don’t need more food, but they do need water supplies.

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A Unexpected Gift Basket Arrives

What a wonderful surprise yesterday. It is a true random act of kindness.

When I heard the doorbell and opened the front door yesterday, I knew that I knew the caller, but the name, out of context, didn’t come. Only strangers, or first time visitors, use the front door and the door bell.  This person I knew.  

She was a member of my first Census crew last year. It had been a while since we saw each other.  She came bearing a ceramic flowered basket with fruit, and baked goodies in it.

I supervised or work on a number of census crews last year. I run into my former Census Crew members at post office, grocery store, and library, all around town.  We had a lot of fun, as well as seriousness, in 2010 as we polled the town and parts of the county making the head count.  There are lots of stories, but we are all sworn to secrecy.

The basket had orange, mango, peach, apple, along with little sand tarts or Mexican wedding cookies and cute Teddy Bear banana bread.  Just the right thing as my appetite has so far not seem to be affected much.

We, that is myself, husband, and across-the-street neighbor, had the peach and orange along with wonderful wedding cookies with jello last night.

This morning I appreciated the Teddy Bear banana bread and had part with coffee.

Tonight we will grill the pear along with fish.

In other words, we savor each flavor and item. The ceramic basket is perfect for cut flowers which we have blooming, or dinner breads that my husband bakes.

Thank you again and again for this unexpected gift.

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A Sunny Dinner Occasion

Celebration Supper: Eating Healthy

This is a group effort.  Charles and Jack and Danna and Grace have been seeing that I have been eating right.  I’ve managed to avoid significant weight loss. I became a little anemic, so a lot of liver was put in the diet and vitals popped back up much to the delight of the doctors. Added lots of gelatin with fruits and vegetables along with frequent avocados salads, cold fresh garden tomato and cucumber gazpacho with lots of garlic.

Jack, Danna, and Charles prepared a elegant meal at the end of the last cocktail. The idea- lots of taste with little bulk.

The Starter was grilled asparagus with toasted almonds, and slices of cold Texas A&M Maroon Tomato from my sister’s garden. The Main course was a cold shrimp cocktail with avocado, cherry tomato, red bell pepper marinated in lemon and tequila- a ceviche.

The piece de resistance was Jack’s concoction of fresh blueberries and strawberries with light cream intermingled with pound cake crumbles soaked in liquor.

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Giant Sunflowers are Delightful


At 100 F (37 C) temperatures and no rain, one of the challenges is to get a few spots of concentrated color and a few vegetables with minimal watering (we are in Stage 2 drought conditions).


This year we have a spectacular  sunflower that came in  a Burpee seed package called “Fun ‘n Sun Hybrid” mix.  Thirty out of thirty-five plants got eaten by voracious snails before we realized what was happening.

We have one 7 foot (2+ meter) “Cappuccino Hybrid”.  Cappuccino has very deep orange, almost dark brown, petals around a central center defined by a halo of yellow (diameter ca 6” or 12 cm).  The close up was taken standing on an a six foot ladder. The top of the plant had 5 flowers; then every branch had another flower. The other 4 sunflowers that survived was a different variety and are ordinary by comparison.

On the vegetable front, we have dill (the plant came complete with butterfly larva), sage, cucumbers, and tomatoes- Heat Wave, Sweet 100 Cherry, Gardner’s Delight Cherry, Brandywine, Green Zebra (hasn’t set yet), and a hybrid 9881 from Texas A&M that we are evaluating for the farm extension service. So far that one works best as tomato juice since the skin is a good candidate for high-wear shoe soles.

All of this has helped keep my mind off other things.

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